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  • Spring is Around the Corner: 9 Ways to Get Ready

    With spring just around the corner, it is hard not to get excited about a new season. And like every new season, we should celebrate spring in some fashion. So, if you are looking for some COVID-friendly activities that can help spring 2021 be a bit better and more enjoyable, then we have nine ideas…

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  • Dealing with Pandemic Fatigue

    After months of being proactive against COVID-19, countless people find themselves exhausted by it all. From the tragic number of lives lost to the loss of life as we knew it, many are burned out from the endless news cycles, politics and social distancing. As a result, “Pandemic Fatigue” is the term used to describe…

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  • Virtual Grandparenting

    Today, there are more families separated by distance than ever before. Throw in a major pandemic, and suddenly connecting is even more difficult. Finding new ways to stay in touch has affected everyone, but perhaps the generation most affected are those over 60. As a result, many children have been unable to connect with their…

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