Travel Trends: Bucket List and Adventures Still Matter

One doesn’t have to be of the Millennial generation to look forward to travel. Surveys have found that seniors will take as many as five trips this year, with about half of those trips being both domestic and abroad. A generation that has the desire and interest to go somewhere different, and they can afford to do so. In many cases, they are not traveling alone. Quite often, these are trips planned with their families involved. Multigenerational trips that promote and build memories.

Travel Trends: Who’s Doing What?

Common Trip Destinations: For US travel, the most popular spots continue to be Florida, California, New York, Texas and Las Vegas, while international travel favors Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Favorite destinations with multigenerational travel include Disney trips and cruises. 

Girls’ Weekend Getaways and Beyond: Getting older doesn’t mean that one stops needing a girls’ getaway. Today’s older ladies are more empowered than ever, and they are choosing trips just for them. Whether it is a posh spa weekend retreat, a cruise or exploring a new culture, the need to connect with your “sisterhood” doesn’t go away.

Adventure Activities: Who says getting older means you have to take sedate trips and relax? Many seniors in excellent health enjoy going on trips where hiking, camping, kayaking or whitewater rafting in the great outdoors are par for the course.

Immersion Travel: This is a popular travel style that spans all generations, but is becoming especially popular for the Boomer generation. Sometimes referred to as slow travel, it is accomplished spending time with the locals and having hands-on experiences as they learn about the history, food, belief and culture. Immersion travel can make for unforgettable memories and new friends. Favorite immersion travel destinations include places such as Madagascar, Malta, India and China.

Ancestry Trips: Many people today are eager to trace their roots. Thanks to the easy availability of DNA testing and sites such as, more and more people are learning about their heritage. More and more, excursions are being offered that focus on learning about one’s past. 

Tech and Travel: Among those who travel with their smartphone, most say they “can’t travel without it.” Millennials are more likely to say they can’t go without their phones, 71%, vs. 64% of senior adults who feel the need to stay tethered to their phones.

At The Cedars of Chapel Hill, our Members have many group travel opportunities domestically and abroad. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags, and join us!