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Best Pets for Seniors

posted on 6/28/2016

Pets can bring tremendous joy to anyone’s life and can be especially beneficial to senior citizens. Dogs can help provide exercise and a reason to get outside, while cats offer calming companionship for seniors who spend a lot of time at home. Fish, birds and other smaller pets can also provide company and help you keep a routine, when you no longer have to go to work everyday. So what should you choose as your next four-legged friend or feathered companion?


Long Term Care Insurance: Is LTCI Right for You?

posted on 6/21/2016

Aging seems to hit each of us in different ways, but, statistically, anyone 65 or older has a 70% chance of needing long-term care and this can carry a hefty price tag. Long-term care insurance can be the answer to preserving your savings, but it might not be as cut-and-dried or as necessary as sellers of the insurance might have you believe. There are arguments for both having and not having LTCI. So what are they and what makes the most sense for you?