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cottages, villas and verandas

Plenty of floor plans to choose from. Which is best for you?



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Best Supplements for Brain Health

posted on 7/26/2016

Memory loss and decreased cognitive ability are a common part of aging that can start when you are still fairly young. However, with proper vitamin supplement support the aging process on your brain can be slowed or even improved! There are literally hundreds of brain supplements on the market, but which ones are best for you and what is each intended to do? Here are our top picks for keeping your brain healthy.


Words and Phrases Only a True North Carolinian Knows

posted on 7/12/2016

Natives of North Carolina know there is something special about how the Tarheel State speaks. Words and phrases have a way of evoking images of the place known for sprawling tobacco fields, awe-inspiring fall colors and one of the biggest basketball rivalries in the country. Whether you were born here, moved here, or plan to visit, here are some words and phrases you should know from the Tarheel State.