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Tips for Moving to a Life Plan Community

With any move you make, there’s a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The same applies when choosing a lifeplan community, but with several additional issues to consider. Fortunately, with some planning and preparation, moving to a lifeplan community often means having the chance to lead a much more stress-free life with plenty of options to do the things you love. To make this happen, here are our top tips for moving to a life plan community.

Make a Plan and Stick to It: Moving can be overwhelming and there seems to be a million things you need to do. Make this easier on yourself by creating a detailed plan of what needs to be done and then designate specific times for for each task. If you’re struggling to figure out when to do what, you can get professional help from an experienced senior move manager.

Get Started Early: If you aren’t already on a tight deadline, consider starting your move slowly by reducing your stuff as you go along. Getting rid of unwanted clothes, knickknacks, books and other things you don’t need will make moving day much easier. For more tips on downsizing your items when moving, check out our blog on Moving Tips When Downsizing to a Lifeplan Community.

Pack Smart: Along with downsizing your stuff, you want to pack the things you keep in a smart way. Quick tips to make packing and unpacking easier include:

  • Label all your boxes
  • Pack boxes based on which room in the house they belong in
  • Measure large furniture and make a floorplan of your new space
  • Keep the items you’ll need quickly in one box (i.e. pajamas, a change of clothes, toiletries, electronic devices and charging cords etc.)

Check Out Medical Options: When choosing a lifeplan community, you need to take into consideration what medical services are available within the community and nearby. The best lifeplan communities will have a full range of medical care options since you can never be sure what you’ll need in the future.

Spend Time Before You Spend Money: This one is pretty obvious, but people often don’t fully investigate how a lifeplan community feels to them before they buy. They look at brochures and read the website, but don’t actually spend a day there or consider what shopping, restaurants and other attractions are nearby.

At the Cedars of Chapel Hill Life Plan Community, we encourage future residents to spend a day touring our full range of amenities including gourmet dining in the clubhouse, indoor lap pool, flower gardens and much more.  When you move to a life plan community like The Cedars, we make the transition pleasant and hassle-free, so you can get to enjoying your best years sooner!

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