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Best Cell Phones for Seniors

With the wealth of gadgets and technology available in cell phones, they can act as your personal entertainment center, travel guide and social forum. However, if you’re not technologically inclined, some of those features may seem more complicated than helpful. Instead of the latest camera types and applications, the phones on our list feature both exciting and practical additions like extra-large buttons for easy dialing and simplified controls. Here are our top picks:

Jitterbug Smart: The original Jitterbug has gotten an upgrade to look a bit more sophisticated and carry more applications but is still the same easy-to-use, large-screened phone that made it popular for seniors. Key features include:

  • Large, clear screen
  • 5Star Urgent Response
  • Simplified Android software
  • XL Font and icons
  • Single-button help access


Asus ZenFone: a ZenFone has a nice display and three cameras with 12-13 megapixels each. Perfect for taking pictures on nature walks and of the grandkids! However, its biggest benefit is the impressive battery life.

The high-capacity battery has the capability to stay charged for several days at a time (depending on how much you use certain features). This makes it ideal for use as an emergency phone since it will always be ready.


Blu Joy: Never worry again about a hard to use keyboard with too tiny or complicated buttons. The Blu Joy includes a large push-button keypad that is reminiscent of retro calculators. It also has built-in emergency buttons for medical and police support.


Snapfon: Sturdy construction, large buttons and simplified controls make this phone ideal for anyone who really just wants a reliable phone without much else. It also features:

  • Extremely affordable service plans
  • A built-in SOS button
  • Easy to read display


Straight Talk Apple 6: Impress your friends and grandkids alike by getting a coveted iPhone. While not the most up-to-date and greatest iPhone, this is actually a major plus for many seniors since it means simplified options. It also has 32GB of storage for photos and a simple camera.


Want even more ways to communicate? While phones are great for keeping in touch with loved ones far away, one of the best things you can do for your retirement is get in touch with your peers and the community. At Cedars of Chapel Hill, we’re a life plan community that caters to active seniors who want to get the most out of retirement. To learn more, visit us find out about life at the Cedars.


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