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Winter Recipes to Fall in Love With

With both root and cruciferous vegetables ripe for the picking during the late fall and winter in North Carolina, now is the perfect time to get experimenting with this amazing bounty.  Many of these vegetables also have wonderful health benefits, store well for long periods of time and help to create hearty dishes that will fill you up without packing on pounds.  Next time you’re in the kitchen, consider these winter recipes for your table.

And the Beet Goes On

Beets are, all too often, the cold, flavorless canned variety left to shrivel away at the salad bar but they can be so much more! High in fiber, essential minerals and vitamin C, these nutritional powerhouses are a must for your autumn table. And with some doctoring up and the right pairings of ingredients like tangy goat cheese, crispy apples or toasty nuts they will soon become a favorite. Try these:

Beet, Goat Cheese and Honey Tarts

Flaky puff pastry acts as the base for sweet and earthy beet slices, savory goat cheese and golden honey.

Red Flannel Hash

Corned beef hash gets a colorful update along with a nutritional punch with the addition of ruby, red beets. Top it with a sprinkle of parsley for freshness and fried eggs for a belly-warming breakfast.

Red Velvet Beet Cookies

This recipe utilizes beets to give red velvet its signature color without adding artificial dyes while also adding vegetables into your dessert.  Rich and chocolaty, these cookies can be made with fresh or canned beets for easier preparation.

Cabbage, a Head Above the Rest

Versatility, thy name is cabbage. This dense, green veggie is often marginalized by most diners and only used as a droopy bed to put corned beef on or to make no one’s favorite soup.  Along with being high in several key vitamins, cabbage is also the perfect veggie for a variety of salads, exciting Asian dishes and more. Try these unique cabbage dishes this winter:

Honey Mustard Roasted Cabbage

Thick rounds of cabbage are dressed with sweet and savory honey mustard then roasted until tender for the perfect winter side dish.

Savory Japanese Pancakes

Unique for Western diners, these versatile cabbage pancakes are a popular dish in Japan that is also sometimes called Japanese pizza. Use the recipe linked here to create the base for the pancakes then add in any other meats or veggies you like.

Roasted Cabbage Slaw with Hazelnuts

Cabbage coleslaw is nothing new, but how about a slaw that includes hazelnuts, lemon, honey and nutty bits of gruyere cheese?

Can’t Turn Down Turnips

Unlike cabbage, turnips aren’t so much disliked as they are unknown for many of us. Cultivated since prehistoric times, these cruciferous veggies provide a lot of nutrients for not a lot of calories and have been a common part of European diets for centuries but aren’t nearly as popular in the states. With a little finesse these slightly bittersweet root vegetables will be one of your new favorites.

One Pot Chicken, Turnips and Barley

This rustic meal comes together fast in one pot and provides all the protein, vegetables and grains you could want in a dish.

Skillet Turnips, Potatoes and Bacon

Golden brown chunks of turnip and potato are paired with ever-popular bacon deliciousness.

Buttered Turnip Puree

This simple puree highlights the slightly sweet taste of young turnips by pairing them with butter, garlic and thyme.

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