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Things To Do in Retirement: Spring Holidays You’re Not Celebrating Yet

Having special days to celebrate can add a lot of joy to life but, unfortunately, holidays often offer as much stress as they do enjoyment. Unless, of course, you choose to celebrate some of the lesser known holidays then it’s just a great new reason to enjoy a glass of wine and dinner with friends. While most of the holidays on our list are not nationally recognized they are a joyous way to take advantage of lovely spring weather, try something new and have a chance to embrace stress-free festivities.

Tartan Day – April, 6:

Tartan refers to one of several classic plaid patterns that represent Scottish Clans and Tartan Day was created to celebrate the history of this woven cloth and the Scottish people who wear it. It coincides with the signing of the Scottish Declaration of Independence on April, 6th 1320 and has been recognized in multiple countries as a national holiday including Canada, the United States and, of course, Scotland. Since the U.S.’s Declaration of Independence was modelled after the Scottish one this is a doubly important day.

How to Celebrate: Many areas with a large Scottish population will have parades and other celebrations but even if you are not near these, this can be a wonderful day to partake in some of the delicacies that Scotland is known for including Scottish shortbread and Scotch whisky. Learn more about Scottish history and find a link for creating your own tartan here: How to Celebrate Tartan Day. Make your own shortbread with this ultra-simple recipe: Scotch Shortbread.

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day – April 8th:

In April of 1943, 7-year-old Dorie Cooper went to visit her uncle who had been injured in WWII and she asked him to draw a picture of a bird for her which he did. She teased him and told him that she would still like the drawing to hang in her room even though it wasn’t a very good one. A few short years later she was killed in an auto accident and mourners brought many drawings of birds to the funeral to help fly her spirit home. Since then, Draw a Picture of a Bird day has been celebrated to honor Dorie and the free spirit of the birds she loved.

How to Celebrate: Dorie’s request for a drawing lifted her uncle’s spirit and this day should be all about celebrating the joy in which that first bird drawing was created. The most obvious way to celebrate is by picking up pencil and paper and creating your own bird drawing but you can also take a nature hike or go on a bird watching tour.

Bonus: This is also Zoo Lover’s day! Celebrate two birds with one trip by visiting the zoo and seeing some feathered friends take flight.

International Moment of Laughter Day – April 14th:

Izzy Gesell, a humorist, author and inspirational speaker, created this day to spread the importance of laughter and remind people to take the time to laugh at life and themselves.

How to Celebrate: Celebrating this day can be as simple as watching your favorite comedy or telling a joke to a friend but if you want to make this more of an event try inviting friends and loved ones over and have them bring at least one joke or story they’d like to tell. Get the laugh riot started with these short but sweet jokes good for all ages: 50 Short, Clean Jokes.

International No Diet Day – May 6th:

The name of this holiday alone will likely get most people right on board with celebrating but there is actually a pretty serious message behind this one. No Diet Day was started by Mary Evans Young in 1992. As a survivor of anorexia, she wanted to create a day to help people value the body they have and expose the dangers of things like diet drugs, eating disorders and weight loss surgery.

How to Celebrate: While many of us can’t completely disregard a diet or doctor’s orders for a whole day, having one really good meal, trying a new restaurant or buying a special treat you wouldn’t normally have is a great way to remember we are more than just what we eat or what we weigh. Try one of these comfort food recipes or their healthy equivalents today: COMFORT FOOD RECIPES FOR SPLURGE DAYS OR ANY DAY.

Twilight Zone Day – May 11th:

May 11th is your day to celebrate this groundbreaking series that featured Rod Serling as your tour guide into the unknown. While it is unclear why the 11th has been chosen to celebrate the series (maybe the answer lies in The Twilight Zone?), it is as good a time as any to delve into the show that seems timeless in its appeal across generations.

How to Celebrate: Watch the show of course! Have a viewing party of your favorite episodes or just curl up for a binge watching session. You can also take today to learn more about Rod Serling, himself, who was as fascinating as the series he created. Read more about Hollywood’s “angry young man” here: Rod Serling Biography.

Museum Day – May 18th:

Created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), it is a day set aside to remember the role of museums in our education and preservation of history and celebration of art. All museums are invited to participate in this internationally recognized day and there is a good chance there is a special event at a museum near you.

How to Celebrate: A trip to a museum alone or with a group is obviously the best way to celebrate this day. Search for large and smaller local museums near you for something that interests you. You can also check out one of the great museums from our list: For North Carolina and Natives: Best Museums in North Carolina.

For even more days and reasons to celebrate check out the Days of the Year Calendar.

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