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Sipping Luxury: Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Is pre-ground coffee simply not an option for you? Is instant coffee akin to blasphemy in your world? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, you might just be a wee tiny bit of a coffee snob. And that’s OK! It’s because of coffee snobs that we have found so many more delightful and delicious ways to caffeinate ourselves. It’s also why we have this list of some of the best gifts for high-end coffee lovers. While even the most generic coffee has certain magical, transformative properties, for true lovers of the brew only a gift from this list will satisfy:

Le Nez Du Cafe

(The Scent of Coffee) Revelation Kit – Ready to appreciate that rich brew on an even deeper level? The Le Nez Du Cafe Revelation Kit is, as the name implies, a revelation. The kit includes a booklet and 36 of the most common scents found in coffee. Pick-up a scent, try to describe it and work to hone your coffee identification skills.

Cost: $299.00

Buy it: Le Nex Du Cafe

Kopi Luwak

If you want to do more than just smell coffee, then maybe a pound of the world’s most expensive coffee is more your style. However, before you run to a cafe demanding a $35.00 and up cup of coffee, you should probably know what the biggest reason is for that cost. The harvest of this rare brew is the biggest factor. You see, before this coffee ever gets to a cup, the beans are first eaten by the Indonesian civet cat. Once the cat is, uh, done with the beans, they are gathered from the civet droppings then washed, dried, pounded and roasted. While the process might be difficult to wrap your head around, Kopi Luwak is considered one of the finest cups of coffee around.

Cost: Anywhere from $100 to $600 per pound or $35 to $100 per cup

Buy It: DOI CHAANG COFFEE Wild Thai Civet 1.76 oz

A special note: When purchasing this unusual coffee, make sure the package says “authentic” and animal friendly since many dealers do not sell the real stuff and mistreat the animals involved. The above link is for one of the few reputable brands available online.

Kona Coffee

While not quite as wildly priced or as outrageously harvested, Kona coffee is still known as one of the most expensive and most delicious coffees in the world.  The cost is racked up for a few reasons but mostly because of location, which  is a small, 40 sq. mi strip of land in Hawaii on the side of the biggest active volcano in the world. The beans are also all handpicked so labor costs are huge as well.

Cost: An average of $20 per pound and a top of $55.

Buy the Sampler: Kona Sampler

Cupping Spoon

If you’re reading this list, there’s a good chance you already know what cupping is and have a variety of spoons for the job, but for the uninitiated, cupping (in terms of coffee) is basically coffee tasting.  You can do this in style with a silver-plated cupping spoon from La Colombe.

Cost: $24 per spoon

Buy it: La Colombe Cupping Spoon


Moccamaster coffee makers are kind of legendary among coffee lovers and if you’re a true connoisseur there are few finer machines for home use. Even though Moccamasters are pricey they can be worth it when compared to shelling out cash for gourmet grounds at a fancy coffee shop every morning.

Cost: Around $300 depending on model

Buy it: Moccamaster

The chefs at The Cedars of Chapel Hill are committed to quality in their food as well as in their brews. If you’re ready for a retirement experience where you can sit back and enjoy a fine cup of coffee while being close to amenities and living independently, then Cedars could be the retirement community for you. Learn more at their site, The Cedars of Chapel Hill

Photo Attribute:, Carlos Sillero