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Retirement Hobbies: Coolest Things to Do Now That You Have the Time

While relaxing and settling down can be a wonderful part of retirement, it can also be the best time to start something new. As a retiree, you are a vital part of the community with the experience, knowledge and time to do some really cool things. Check out our top suggestions for the best things you can do now that you finally have the time.

Author a Cookbook of Family Recipes

Is your head filled with generations of passed-down recipes that don’t seem to exist anywhere else? Now is the time to finally get them on paper. You can go the simple route and write or type them out on paper or go all out and create a book complete with photographs and stories about the recipes and how you and loved ones have enjoyed them throughout the years.

The Benefits: It’s extremely likely that many of your relatives have wanted these recipes for years but no one has ever had the time or opportunity to get them down before. Even if these are just written out without a book format or pictures, this will still make a wonderful gift to your family now and for generations to come. You can also use this as a chance to teach members of the younger generations to make these recipes and fill them in on the history behind them.

Showing Dogs

Dogs make great companions but they can also present the opportunity for a great hobby that has a variety of benefits for retirees. To learn how to get started visit the American Kennel Club website, here.

The Benefits: Showing dogs is not only a great way to interact with man’s best friend, it can help you make human friends too while it keeps you socially and physically active. It also offers a chance to travel as you hit the road to attend dog shows across the country. As an added bonus, a winning pooch can bring in sizable cash prizes.


Combine a love of travel and the water by taking up boating. This can be one of the best ways for you to see places you’ve never been as you travel with the convenience of having your sleeping quarters, kitchen and more with you at all times.

The Benefits: If being out on the water floats your boat figuratively as well as literally, then boating can be very relaxing while also offering a chance to be physically active and spend time outside.


Create an immortal part of yourself through the images you take. While that might seem like a lofty description of what photography does, consider how amazing it is to capture images of people and things in a way that they may never be again. Anyone with a passion for it can take photographs, learn more about getting started, here.

The Benefits: Photography naturally forces you to slow down and look at things around you. It’s not uncommon for retirees to feel as though they’ve seen all there is to see but with photography there is always a new, unexplored angle to unlock your creative side.  The images you capture can also make for great gifts and conversation starters when showcased in an album.


Photography isn’t the only way to capture an image. Writing not only allows you to bring images and events to life on paper, but stimulates imagination and keeps you mentally active.

The Benefits: Writing can be an amazing and therapeutic hobby for many. Even those with mobility issues, hearing or sight impairment can still excel at the written word by using recording devices and voice-to-text software. Explore your creative side with fiction or create a written history of actual events that will keep you mentally sharp and give your loved ones a chance to learn about you in a wonderful new way.

Book Club

If writing doesn’t sound particularly enjoyable, consider joining a book club. Keep your mind active and meet new people who you will instantly have at least one thing in common with.

Art in Any Form

Creating something beautiful, interesting or just simply new can be extremely beneficial mentally and physically. Sculpture and painting can help improve dexterity while things like jewelry and furniture making can help you create functional pieces to be displayed, gifted or sold.


Not up for traveling the dog show circuit? Get your canine fix by volunteering at a local animal hospital or Humane Society. Missionary work can offer a chance for spiritually rewarding work while reading to children at the library will keep you young at heart.

Join other active seniors and explore even more hobbies by joining a retirement community like The Cedars of Chapel Hill which provides independent living along with planned activities and a variety of services to help you fulfill your retirement dreams. Find out more at their website,

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