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Preserving Memories in Style

Pictures can be a great way to preserve memories. However, if you’re like most people then there’s a good chance many of those cherished moments are sitting crammed onto your phone or worse, sitting piled up and deteriorating in a box somewhere. The good news is, not only can plenty of unique things be done with the images you already have, there are a variety of new ways to preserve memories that will make them last for years to come. Try these memory maker and keeper ideas to showcase your personal history in the coolest ways possible:

Preservation and Display

Scrapbooking is a few steps above merely putting photos into an album, and a giant leap above just having pictures in a box. It can be a wonderfully fun and creative process to put together your own scrapbook, however, it can also be tedious if you’re not an arts and crafts kind of person. Fortunately, there are tons of people who offer professional scrapbooking. Search for professional scrapbooking services in your area or start here.

Why You Should Do it: Scrapbooks can make for really special gifts that go well beyond most store-bought items. They also allow you to include information under each photo which can make it easier for anyone to go through without needing someone to verbally give a backstory the way a traditional photo album might require.

Photo Restoration

Sometimes, before you can even consider putting pictures in an album or scrapbook you have to first consider restoring them. There are techniques that can restore not only traditional style photos but also Polaroid photos and undeveloped negatives.

Why you Should Do it: Many of the chemicals used in the development of photos will eventually start to yellow them. Other environmental conditions like heat and moisture also do a number on photos. While your photos may not look great now and might not be able to be restored 100%, letting them go will pretty much ensure that they fade completely.

VHS to DVD and Beyond

The last major Hollywood film to be released on VHS was in 2006. Let that sink in. This means even the newest VHS in your memory arsenal is likely a decade old or more. Those tapes simply weren’t made to last indefinitely. Fortunately, while modern technology has made this format obsolete, it has also given us ways to preserve it and make it better.

Why You Should do It: The reasons for this are pretty obvious; not only are VHS tapes starting to degrade by now, but there are fewer and fewer machines to even play them on. For more information on converting to DVD, BluRay and more visit here, Converting VHS.

Photo Quilts

Technology not only gives us a way to preserve pictures but also to print them in unique ways. Taking several loved photos and printing them on fabric can provide you with the materials to create a treasured quilt. There are ways to do this yourself or you can have the work done for you with custom handmade quilt services like this: Bags of Love.

Why you Should do it: Not only does this preserve memories, it creates a beautiful conversation piece that is also functional. These make amazing gifts for a wedding, graduation, or housewarming.

Bonus Idea: Have tons of fun t-shirts you simply don’t wear anymore? Instead of keeping them in a box somewhere, use the fabric to create a quilt to display them.

3-D Imaging

Step inside a booth, stand still for a lightning-fast, 3-D scan and prepare to be amazed by a miniature figurine in your likeness or a loved one’s. With services like the ones provided at TwinKind, you can get a figurine of yourself, your entire family, or a cherished pet.

Why you Should do It: This is just so darn cool, really. Custom 3-D imaging is still a pretty new service for consumers and it’s hard not to be impressed by the accuracy and detail of it.  This can be an especially great idea for kids as they will have something to look back on and be able to see a complete 3-D sculpture of themselves and possibly get a new one done at different milestones to create a visual timeline of themselves.

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Photo Attribute:, Lisa Zanchi, Brano Hudak