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North Carolina’s Most Unique Restaurants

North Carolina is home to a multitude or fine dining experiences and the birthplace of some of the tastiest eats around but it’s also a place to find delicious, quirky dining places as well.  If you want great food with a side of something a little different, try one of these unique dining venues in North Carolina.

Double D’s in Asheville

Even though Double D’s sounds like it could be the restaurant of a BBQ slinging former linebacker, the name is actual in reference to Double Decker, as in a double decker bus like the ones used in faraway London. Double D’s is a coffee and scone cafe housed inside an actual double decker bus that once roamed the streets of London. Learn more about their coffee, desserts and special events here: Double D’s Coffee.

Hillbilly Hide-A-Way in Walnut Cove

Cooking doesn’t get much more down home than sausage biscuits, country ham and fried chicken made by home-trained cooks and served in a log cabin, and this is exactly what you’ll get at the Hillbilly Hide-A-Way. You also get to listen to music and browse antique shops and a gift store. Find out more about their history and changing breakfast and dinner menus here: The Hillbilly Hide-a-Way.

Lantern in Chapel Hill

Lantern: Where the South and the Orient meet. Enjoy the spectacular and surprising combination of locally sourced ingredients done up with an Asian flair. This restaurant, which was named one of “America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Gourmet magazine, boasts such dishes as salt and pepper shrimp, tea smoked chicken and steamed duck custard.  Find even more tantalizingly unique offerings here: Lantern Restaurant.

The Pig in Chapel Hill

Chef Sam Suchoff goes whole hog with his whole hog BBQ. Not only is this porcine BBQ tasty, it’s healthier for you and the animals! No antibiotics or hormones are used in the local pasture-raised animals selected to create such offerings as fried, house made bologna, Vietnamese pork cheek sandwich and pimento cheese fries. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options. Plan a quality dinner now: The Pig.

Monuts Donuts in Durham

You are going to love this one of a kind bakery and donut shop that started as a donut stand operated off a tricycle at a farmers market.  Monuts has a wide and unique selection of classic breakfast foods prepared with an ethnic flare. Try their Green Eggs and Ham made with prosciutto and green salsa or James and the Giant Nectarine for a punny, sweet and meal. Donut flavors like butter pecan and chili mango are also must-tries! Find out more about their handcrafted and seasonal offerings here: Monuts Donuts.

While we’ve listed a few of the most interesting dining options of Chapel Hill, there are even more to be had and explored along with dozens of other attractions. You can make the fun and excitement of this area a daily part of your life when you retire to The Cedars of Chapel Hill, a retirement community for active seniors who enjoy trying new things and being surrounded by culture. Find out more about the local attractions near The Cedars.

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