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For Tech-Savvy Seniors: Phone Apps to Make Retirement Even Better

While actually talking on the phone is fast becoming an archaic form of communication, those miraculous little devices we carry with us are capable of so much more. Yes, even more than checking email and playing Candy Crush! With literally thousands of apps available to smartphone users, your mobile device can now be a source of entertainment, organization, health tracking and a wide range of other things that will make retirement even better. Here are some top app picks to get the most out of your phone:

For Your Health


Love eating out, but hate packing on pounds? HealthyOut helps you pick better options at the restaurants you love and offers suggestions of ways to modify your order based on your diet needs such as low cal, low carb, etc.

Find it on: Google Play and iTunes


Taking pills and vitamins is important, but it can be frustrating to remember to take what and when. With PillBoxie you can set up convenient reminders on your iPad and iPhone to not only take pills, but even special notes on pill and vitamin combinations.

Find it here: iTunes



Turn your phone into a powerful magnifying glass with this handy app available for your iPhone.

Find it here: iTunes


This voice-to-text app takes voicemail messages and translates them to text. This is not only good for those with hearing loss but can make it easier and faster to receive messages that can often be hard to understand as speakers talk too quickly.

Find it here: VoxSci


Yesterday USA:

New technology is making it easier than ever to find the things we love from the past. Yesterday USA is an internet radio app that lets users listen to old time radio shows any time of day or night.

Find it here: Yesterday USA


Your body isn’t the only thing that needs exercise. Your brain can be helped with a good workout too and Lumosity is just the thing to have fun while you do some mental jumping jacks. Play, learn and outsmart the grandkids!

Find it here: Lumosity



Keep in touch with friends and loved ones no matter how far away they are by using Skype. This app, available for Apple, Android and computer allows users to make video phone calls for free, even to other countries!

Find it here: Skype


Play games with friends, find old classmates and more with this popular social network.

Find it here: Google Play and iTunes

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