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Enjoying Retirement with 5 Luxury Subscription Services to Love Year Round

The monthly subscription service, once the tired gift given to employees and distant relatives, is fast becoming the best way to not only treat others but to treat yourself to entertainment, gourmet treats and, of course, luxury. While there are plenty of useful and moderately priced subscription services out there, here are some picks for when you want something a little finer.

5th Avenue Style

For the jewelry lover, this box starts at a minimum of $98 dollars a month but can run up to $500 or more for specialty boxes that include exclusive accessories and clothing items not available elsewhere. Customize your box by telling 5thAvenue your favorite colors and preferred types of jewelry to get the most out of this dazzling box. You will be enjoying retirement with your favorite jewelry items.

Order it: 5th Avenue

Escape Monthly

Want to experience more of the world without leaving home? Escape Monthly is a subscription box for people wanting a little taste of exotic luxury every month. Each box is packed with gourmet treats, spa items to pamper yourself, travel guides and other surprises. Try the Luxe Box for $69.95/month and enjoy a mini vacation every month.

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Yogi Surprise

Support your healthy senior lifestyle in luxurious style with Yogi Surprise. Each box contains treats, jewelry and other unique items that will make your yoga experience even more fulfilling and complete. Box prices range from $24.95 to $44.95 a month.

Order it: Yogi Surprise

Luxe Provence Box

Southern France is known for its immaculate beaches and catering to the rich and famous. And now you can have the best of the gourmet foods, home goods and other extravagant items from the region brought to your door every season with the Luxe Provence Box. Each box contains artisanal items, textiles and even antiques found in the region with annual subscribers getting bonus items. Order seasonally for $195 or annually for $700.

Order it: Luxe Provence Box

Opulent Box

Quite possibly the most expensive subscription box yet, the Opulent Box is a jewelry subscription box containing gems, baubles and all manner of glittering things from designers like Cartier, Chopard, and Louis Vuitton. Each box arrives quarterly containing certificates of authenticity, appraisals and other hand-selected goods. Boxes start at a staggering $25,000.

Order it: Opulent Box

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