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Traditions Only a True North Carolinian Understands

The south is known for two things: magnificent fried everything and longstanding traditions. And while there are hundreds of things for visitors to enjoy in North Carolina, there are certain things only true North Carolinians really get. If you’d rather have “Sunday supper” rather than lunch or dinner and understand that “just drivin’” is an activity all on its own, then you might have a little North Carolina in your blood. Read on to find even more traditions that make North Carolina unique:

Sunday Supper

It’s home cooked, it’s comfortingly decadent, it’s Sunday Supper. While much of the country is enjoying an ordinary lunch or dinner on Sunday, North Carolinians dig into Sunday Supper. Often served after church services this is typically too late to be brunch or lunch but too early for dinner.  Baked mac and cheese, fried chicken and gravy, so much gravy are common finds on the table.

The Majesty of the White Squirrel

While others might be rigging bird feeders to keep these rascally critters away from bird food, North Carolinians are celebrating the squirrel. Specifically, the white squirrel! This nutty ball of white fluff even has a festival named in his honor in Brevard, NC where you can enjoy music, food and a Squirrel Box Derby.

Celebrating Everything

North Carolinians know how to celebrate the little things, the big things, the fruit things and the kinda strange things. While fruit themed festivals aren’t completely uncommon around the country, North Carolina might have the market cornered on odd food festivals with its Liver Mush Festival. The fest includes free liver mush sandwiches and also other foods just in case that sounds more like a threat than an advertisement to you! You can also find a festival for pottery, seafood and the dogwood tree among other things.

Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day

A tradition often said to have spread after the Civil War, eating black eyed peas, especially on New Year’s Day, is common in N.C. While the idea of the peas bringing luck dates back much further, the south seemed to pick up the practice after the Civil War when it was said The Northern Army considered the crop only fit for animals and didn’t bother destroying it. Often served with slow cooked ham and greens, this is another tasty tradition from North Carolina.

Driving Because, Why Not?

If you think of driving as only about getting to a destination then you likely have never experienced the North Carolinian tradition of a Sunday drive. Put on some tunes by Chapel Hill native James Taylor and just cruise down the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. No destination needed, just the open road and a radio.

Have a hankering to drive to a new festival every weekend or maybe just drive, period? North Carolina might just be the place for you! Not only is it a top vacation spot, North Carolina also has everything you could want in a retirement destination. To learn more about retiring in North Carolina visit The Cedars of Chapel Hill, North Carolina to find out more about starting your own traditions at this inclusive Life Plan Community!

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