Our teams are staying in communication with local health officials and will share regular updates on COVID-19.  For more of the most up to date information and personal health recommendations, please visit the websites below:


Updates from Life Care Services  


Updates from CDC –

Updated Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations in Response to COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Symptoms

What To Do If You Think You Are Sick


Our COVID-19 Protocol For Movers


Since the very first Members moved into The Cedars of Chapel Hill in the summer of 2004, safety and security have been in our DNA.

Today, however, along with the security that comes with home ownership and the sense of well-being that comes with on-site care for virtually all of your health care needs, we find ourselves providing the safety and security of a COVID-19 safe community.

Such a community is made possible by enhanced processes and procedures that safeguard every Member, staff and visitor. By sanitizing protocols that take clean to the next level. By extra precautions that reduce the risk of pathogen transmission. Above all, by accepting the current reality and making the most of it.

As uncertain and unprecedented as these times may be, The Cedars remains a community committed to a new generation of younger older adults who aspire to both an active life and maintaining their health. That means giving our Members every opportunity to build relationships, foster friendships and socialize. All, of course, at a safe distance.

We will continue to follow best practices for controlling spread and ensuring the safety of our Members and staff. At the same time, feeling alone, isolated and vulnerable is perfectly understandable. As important as it is to keep everyone COVID-19 safe, it is equally important to do everything we can to make everyone comfortable.

To that end, we run errands, pick up groceries and medication, deliver meals and provide transportation to doctor and dental appointments. We offer creative programs and outdoor activities to keep everyone challenged and stimulated. Both the salon and pool are open by reservation only with participant limits for safety and hygiene. And, for those Members residing in the DuBose Health Center, we conduct staff-assisted Zoom calls, family parades and window visits to keep them in touch with their loved ones.

Elevators and common areas are sanitized every 30 minutes. Heightened security ensures that anyone and everyone who enters our campus is screened to minimize exposure. The health of our staff is monitored daily, and we visit our Members for wellness checks on a weekly basis. The result is a safe, secure environment for all concerned.

As a Cedars Member, the bottom line is your comfort level and the sense of security that comes with the assurance that every and all safeguards are in place and every effort is being made to keep you happy and healthy.

We are currently meeting with prospective Members by appointment only. Please give us a call at 919-259-7927 to learn more and schedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you.