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posted on 04/17/2018

It was a brisk, chilly January morning outside the Cedars of Chapel Hill Clubhouse, but not in the Billiards Room, where a hot game of Eight-Ball was in progress. The five 9:00am regulars were all there:  Davis “Music Man” Bingham, Tom “Phi Slamma Jamma” Clegg,  Peter “Combo Pete” Page,  Russ “Soft Shot” McLauchlan, and Lou […]

DuBose Update: Current Status, February 2018

DuBose Update: Current Status, February 2018

posted on 02/16/2018

After our much needed recent rains, water in the extensively landscaped ponds visible from the Clubhouse Garden Room turned clay-colored, while water in the pond by the gar­den plots has remained clear. And, six huge pipes now decorate the oppo­site bank beyond the cypress trees. What are those pipes for? Site preparation for the DuBose […]



posted on 02/05/2018

I am having a blast!!!   I am team teaching 6th 7th and 8th grades chorus classes at Phillips Middle School with longtime friend and fellow music teacher, Joy Douglass.  We have a project.  A friend has written music for children (adults love the songs too).  We would like these songs to be known in this […]

Herb Lawton

Herb Lawton

posted on 01/08/2018

I began painting in my early teens and was convinced at that time that I wanted art to be my career, but parental advice instead steered me into a career of architecture.  This worked out quite well and resulted in a highly satisfying career, which gave me great pleasure and satisfaction over the years.   I […]

Family Day at the Cedars

Family Day at the Cedars

posted on 10/24/2017

On Sunday, October 1st, The Cedars of Chapel Hill held its first “Family Day,” a southern BBQ on the great lawn.  All members of The Cedars and all staff were invited. There was music from the band “The Bluegrass Experience,” games, crafts, and more. There are 420 members at The Cedars and over 500 employees.  […]

Medical Emergencies at the Cedars

posted on 07/20/2017

The Cedars of Chapel Hill has the good fortune of being located between two world class university medical centers at the University of North Carolina and at Duke University.  In addition, the members of the Cedars own the DuBose Health and Wellness Center that is located on the Cedars campus.  Members thus have available exemplary […]

Meredith Michener “Explores the World of Miniatures”

posted on 06/27/2017

Cedars of Chapel Hill Resident, Meredith Michener, has mastered the art of creating miniatures. This challenging art form is based on reducing real life settings to precise 1/12th scale reproductions. According to Meredith, “the work requires incredible patience and discipline. No detail is too small. Everything must be in proper scale.” Mrs. Michener became intrigued […]

Biscuit Day

posted on 06/07/2017

The morning of May 6 dawned damp and ominous but the weather did not discourage 19 excited pets and their proud owners from celebrating the 4th Annual Biscuit Day at the Cedars. Long time member, Mary Ann Van Kampen, was on her third floor balcony to greet all celebrants with a warm smile and the […]

The Cedars of Chapel Hill Scholarship Program

posted on 05/01/2017

As new members join us at the Cedars of Chapel Hill comments are often heard praising our employees and questioning how we maintain our low turnover rate. One important answer is our Scholarship Program which is a member generated perk that furthers the education of our employees and their children. So far in 2017 the […]

Cedars DuBose Health Center Receives Top State Inspection Rating

posted on 04/07/2017

The Cedars of Chapel Hill members and staff were thrilled to learn recently that the DuBose Health and Wellness Center received a “zero deficiency” report for 2016 from the State Department of Health and Human Services.  A similar report had been issued for calendar year 2015. Sara Flynn-Loy, Executive Director of The Cedars, commented that […]